¡Extra light walnut kernels!

Chandler walnuts can be purchased from October to May

Harvesting takes place by mid-September thus being the first Spanish and European producers offering the first seasonal nuts. Rounder and smoother than the Chandler nuts have a good seal. Well known for its light nutshell colour and attractive natural appearance, the Howard walnut features a large (6.3 grams), light pearl kernel (90% or more) very pleasant to the palate.To buy our Chandler walnuts contact us

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¡The first in Spain and Europe!

Howard walnuts are available for purchase from September to November

The Howard walnut is large, smooth, and oval shaped with a good shell seal. Light coloured walnuts with a buttery taste which are considered to be the top variety in walnuts due to their thin shell and good flavour.

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We are producers of shelled walnuts

“Frutos de Vettonia”, nuts’ producer company, was founded in 2005, since then we have achieved continuous growth, have improved our facilities and boost our business by increasing the investment capacity of our headcount hiring the best professionals

New products such as almonds, dried figs, pistachios and chestnuts have been included in our site over the last months to be purchased and sent to you with all their taste and freshness.